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The Bottomfeeders have been playing music in and around Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island since 1990. The band was originally formed as a loose ensemble of musical traditionalists who experimented with a mix of influences from old folk ballads, celtic, bluegrass, and blues to rock. With various changes in the lineup came a bit of old time, country, and even polkas, leading to a unique blend of west coast roots music. Most of the original tunes have been inspired by the characters dwelling around the docks in the village of Tofino where clamdigging, gooseneck barnacle picking, diving for geoduck clams and sea urchin, crabbing and salmon trolling are the livelihood. The band has played at weddings, wakes, book launches, small festivals, benefits, private parties, and lots of dances at the local Royal Canadian Legion.

Dave Hurwitz sings, plays mandolin and has written numerous songs, from his perspective as a crab fisherman.
Bill Morrison sings, plays guitar, mandolin and banjo and has a passion for traditional ballads.
John Armstrong sings, plays guitar, harmonica, and bodhran and writes the odd tune.
Pete Moffat sings, and grew up playing old-time fiddle, banjo and mandolin.
Karaoke queen Coral Palm sings, plays guitar, percussion and writes.
Andre Sperling plays accordion, acoustic bass, and percussion.

After years of harrassment from their fans,
the band entered the studio in the spring of 2001 and recorded their first cd, Waterview.
It was recorded at Sundog Studios, in Ucluelet, BC, except for the guitars and vocal of 'Estevan Reef' which were recorded in
John's living room in Tofino, BC in 1994, and the drum tracks which were recorded at Wireworks Digital, in Parksville, BC.

The recording was produced by The Bottomfeeders and Rob Thoms, who was also the recording engineer.
Mixing and mastering were done by Regan Myers and John Armstrong at Wireworks Digital.
Graphic design by Paul Harris and Bill Morrison at Word Works, Victoria, BC.   

<>The Bottomfeeders pose for a photo behind Sundog Studio on the last day of recording

Additonal musicians who played on the CD include:
Mike Thatcher - washtub bass.
Rob Thoms - mandolin & guitar solos on 'Jealous Lover'
Jim Spalding - Bass guitar
Tony Toly - Drums

Samples can be heard by clicking on the Music link below

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